Friday, February 5, 2010

Monitoring Greenhouse Gasses: One Region at a Time

"California is preparing to introduce the first statewide system of monitoring devices to detect global-warming emissions, installing them on towers throughout the state." Thus begins an article in last Wednesday's February 3rd's New York Times entitled: California Sets Up Statewide Network to Monitor Global Warming Gases. What's particularly encouraging about this program is that it's the first time that a network has been set up to monitor specific sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and will help the state verify compliance with its greenhouse gas emissions targets. Each of these analyzers can cover several hundred miles including, for example, the Los Angeles basin.

These devices, known as Picarro analyzers, are pioneering what will become a national (and eventually international) network to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. They are made by a Silicon Valley company and provide real-time measurements of greenhouse gases. American ingenuity and technology at the vanguard of a critical step to curb greenhouse gasses and develop the jobs and technologies of the green economy.