Monday, March 21, 2011

Three New Documentary Films Envisioning a Better World

Three new sustainability-related documentary films that have been recently released may be of interest:

1) "Harmony: A New Way of Looking At Our World." This film narrated by Prince Charles does a good job of presenting some of the ideas of how best to live in balance with the natural systems. It touches on themes ranging from sustainable farming to biomimicry.

2) "I Am: The Shift is About to Hit The Fan." This documentary film released through limited theaters traces the transformation of Tom Shadyak, a movie director who travels the world asking the questions: "What's wrong with our world?" and 'What can we do about it?" This creates an interesting dialog from leaders including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, John Francis, David Suzuki, Lynne McTaggart and many others.

3) "The Economics of Happiness." This film by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick and John Page tackles the problems with our current economic system and presents the benefits of economic localization. It includes the perspectives of many of the leaders in the sustainability movement including: Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, David Korten, Richard Heinberg, Rob Hopkins and many more.

All three films point to solutions that are already happening and making positive change and creating a better world. They also focus on ideas that are spearheading a transformation at the economic, social and environmental level.